"The best place to learn be it a beginner or professional artist or some one who would like to revive the skills. I feel lucky to have walked in and joined "The Renaissance" about Two Years back though I have learnt a lot if I look back I started with basics and now I have a small gallery of my work still continue to go to classes as there is lot to learn.

Birajini Ma'am is instrument Behind "The Renaissance" her way of teaching, building-up the required skill, Mentoring & the encouragement that you get from Birajini Ma'am is amazing and the guidance you get from her will bring out the best in you. Every Batch you get to see more new students who get the best coaching on a one to one basis.
The best Mentor I have ever met"

Mahendran Subramanian

"I got the coaching from this institute and it has been a wonderfull experience, it helped me a lot to improve my skills. I would definitely give them the utmost of the credits for my I I T B IDC selection for M .DES in mobility and vehicle design, without them it wouldn't have been possible. You will surely get personal attention here apart from the group coaching.The Renaissance, I am very thankfull for your guidance and efforts, thanks a lot"

Kushal Karpe


"I joined Birajni maam when i was in class 11(2013) and had no idea about the entrance exams what so ever. With her constant guidance, experince, skill, personal attention and harwork made me capable of getting one the best colleges in the country. Whatever i know today and im capable of doing is all her credit.. Never said no for any help no matter what time of the day it is or how many times you have already asked her.. :-)"

Shivani Kadav
SID, Pune

"She is one the best teachers i have ever met. I almost cleared all my examination because of her. When i joined her class i didnt knew how to draw even simple objects also but today whatever i am just because of her.She just gave one tip dat it PRACTISE and you definately reach your goal.They way you take efforts i guess thanking you wont be enough"

Suchita Jain

Pearl Academy Mumbai


"I've been attending these classes in Pune for the past year and it has been a wonderful experience, meeting people of similar interests. I had never really thought about design as a career option, but Mrs. Birajini Ray has really helped open my mind to the possibilities. With her guidance, entrance into the best reputed design colleges of India like I D C at I I T Bombay have been made achievable targets. All in all, i'd like to say, if you've picked this place, good choice! :D"

Kaushik Ramaswamy

"I appreciate the efforts u made for me ,,,,I had no idea about design whatever I m today coz of u ,I scored 130 in NATA

 ,,,,,u pay personal attention to all your attention which help us .....thanku mam .....had a great experience in the Renaissance"

Sudhanshu Gates


"Had an amazing time in class with Birajini ma'am.... she is very knowledgeable which helped us understand the design industry... she pays personal attention to all her students which help us improve in all the work we do...
She is the most enthusiastic and friendly teacher...! :)"

Avina Jain
NIFT Mumbai.

"Classes at ‘The Renaissance' were an enriching experience for me. Ma'am
trained me patiently and polished my skills. I saw a marked improvement in
my work from when I joined and when I left. Thank you Ma'am :)"

Gaurika Singhal

Product Design

Sem 3 - National Institute of Design